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5 Diet Konyol Yang Sering Dilakukan di Indonesia

Hello healthy friend, see you again with me dr. Sung. In this video, I will discuss a topic, namely: "5 stupid diets that are often done in Indonesia". Healthy friend, having a slim body / ideal body is everyone's dream. No matter women, men, or children, having an ideal body is something to be proud of. Many of them want to get good results & have a slim body by doing various ways. In this video, I will discuss about 5 ridiculous diets that are often done in Indonesia: The first is a diet by not consuming rice at all. So, in fact our body needs carbohydrate intake. And one of them is rice. Actually, not taking the rice is not a problem.

Because the source of carbohydrates is not only found in rice. So, you can get a source of carbohydrates by consuming corn, eating sweet potatoes, potatoes, and so on. However, many Indonesians have a misperception, that eating rice = fat. So, eating rice causes fat accumulation. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Why? Because actually the fat is not from rice. So, it's not the wrong rice. But from the amount of calories you consume that day. And those calories will accumulate every day. Many people assume that, “If I went out, I wouldn’t eat rice”.

5 Diet Konyol Yang Sering Dilakukan di Indonesia

5 Diet Konyol Yang Sering Dilakukan di Indonesia

If I go out to eat with friends, I will choose other foods. But, they choose other foods in large amounts of servings. For example, I don’t eat rice, but I do eat pizza. I eat noodles, I eat fries and so on. I will share a little. I have a patients of a mothers. He is from the region to Surabaya. She loves to take her son for walks to eat at fast food restaurants. And he lamented: • A: "Doc, why haven't I lost weight? So I tend to gain up to 9 kg this year. Even though I haven't eaten rice". • B: "If you don't eat rice, then what do you eat?" • A: “I only eat snacks”. • B: "Did you mention any food?" • A: “When at home, I only take snacks. Like crackers, bread, biscuits. And during lunch or dinner hours, I often bring my children to eat at fast food restaurants ”.

And he gave rice to his son. So, he only eats fries, sodas, burgers, and his favorite food is chicken wing. My question is: “How much is it, ma’am?”. "I haven't eaten rice yet, doc. If I ate a little, of course I would be hungry. So I eat large size fries, a jumbo soda drink, then if chicken wing maybe up to 5 pieces ". So, actually this mom doesn’t understand the concept of calorie accumulation in one day. By consuming so much food, the number of calories will be greater, exceeding the number of calories of rice. So if you want to learn, try to find out. How many calories per 100 grams of rice, compared to fries or noodles, or compared to other fastfood foods? How do you cut the rice is good. But it does not mean that by reducing rice, you are actually eating other foods, which is to eat fast food in large quantities. Of course this will increase the calories in your body.

Then, the second ridiculous diet in my opinion is just taking raw tofu. This raw tofu diet is actually quite popular in Korea. Eventually many Indonesians imitated, but were "mistaken". Why the mistake? Because raw edible tofu is a type of silken tofu. While tofu in Indonesia, which is sold in supermarkets or traditional markets is a type of Chinese style tofu tofu. Or tofu that is usually soaked in water. The tofu should not be eaten raw. And if you’re forced to eat it raw, maybe at first you’ll hold back. But over time it can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Especially for pregnant women, do not take the raw tofu. Here I will discuss about what the effect is if taking raw tofu continuously for diet without consuming other foods. In fact, our body does not only need nutrition from tofu alone. If you keep doing it, maybe your weight will drop in the first month, even in the first week. But if you take raw tofu continuously, you will suffer from other nutritional deficiencies. For example, you will be deficient in fiber, and you will be deficient in other vitamins and minerals. You will lack energy from carbohydrates and so on. Then it will eventually have a detrimental effect on your health.

For example, maybe your bone strength will decrease, your hair will fall out a lot. Then hormonal disorders. And in women, maybe your menstruation becomes irregular. And you will experience mood disorders or something. Actually taking note is good. But that doesn’t mean you just take raw tofu from morning, day and night for months. So, my suggestion is to try you change your diet. Then, the third ridiculous diet in my opinion is to only consume 1 apple per day. This is the same as the tofu diet earlier. Actually apple intake is good. But if you only consume apples and do it continuously every day, then it is also not good for your health.

The explanation is more or less the same. You will be deficient in nutrients from other foods. You will lack energy from carbohydrates. You will be deficient in protein. And this will affect your body. Then the fourth ridiculous diet is a diet that only takes supplements without taking other real food foods. Here I will discuss why this diet I consider confusing.

Because the human body is designed to consume real food. What’s the point of teeth if every day you just take for example extra drinks from morning, day, night and the next day like that continuously? So, the enzymes in your mouth are not working. Maybe your healthy friend asks something like, "What's the point of supplements, doc? When do we need to take supplements?". So, a supplement is a supplement that we eat when the main meal is not enough of the nutritional value that the body needs that day. So, suppose you weigh 60 kg, of course you need about 60 grams of protein per day. An example for you who are an office worker.

Because you have to hurry, you don't have time for breakfast. To meet your protein needs in the morning, you can take supplements. But, during the day you still need to eat. At night you still need to eat. Roughly speaking, I will give the numbers for more clarity. There may be people who need 60 grams of protein, but in one day you only consume about 40 grams of protein. There is no time if I have to eat again. I could not make it. To make up for its shortcomings, you can add extras. Maybe from soy milk, cow’s milk, or almond milk and so on to meet your daily protein. Same with fiber supplements and other supplements.

Then, the fifth ridiculous diet is a diet that only consumes white water. So, don't eat at all. Many people also misunderstand or misunderstand diet patterns. They assume that if I fast for 40 days, then I can’t get my calorie intake and my body will burn fat. Actually that's not wrong, but a little confusing. Why? Because our body in a normal state still needs calorie intake from the outside so that our cells can function properly. So here what I explain is the concept of getting a healthy diet pattern. Not a concept for your spirituality.

If you are fasting for your spirituality, it is up to you. So what I discuss here is the concept of doing a healthy diet. If you just take white water continuously and do it in the long run, automatically your body will be deficient in nutrients from carbohydrates, proteins, or even fats. And that will make the system in your body chaotic. among them:
  • Your hormones are stirred
  • Your menstruation is irregular
  • you will be easily stressed
  • Your mood becomes bad Many out there do things like this.
That was about 5 stupid diets that I think a lot of people do in Indonesia. Healthy friends, for those of you who are obese or overweight, I will give you tips or solutions on how to lose weight well. So in the next video titled "What are the Causes and Dangers of Obesity" I will explain about:
  • What time did you last eat
  • How many times is your meal schedule (How many times a day do you eat)
  • What can and cannot be eaten
  • How is physical activity
  • What is a detox program So, I will discuss that all in my next video.
My suggestion is to choose a diet program that you can do in the long run, instead of choosing a 1-2 day long-term program. Because if you choose the wrong diet program, it will give a "yoyo" effect. That is, your weight is easy to lose and easy to gain back. Of course you don't want that. Okay, so many videos of mine this time. I also provide 2 more videos here for you. Hope the videos I provide can be useful for you all.

And if you like health and lifestyle channels like this, you can click like below, comment, click subscribe and share to your friends. On the right there is a bell icon, you can click. Until you can get notifications for my next video. I pray for all of you who are obese or overweight, you can do a good diet program. And I also pray that you all stay healthy and happy. See you in my next video. Great greetings amazing .. !!
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