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Kenapa 100% Diet Anda Gagal? Berikut Penyebab dan Cara Mengatasinya!

Hello healthy friend, see me again dr. Sung. On this occasion, I will be presenting a video titled: “Your 100% Diet Must Fail”. Healthy friends, many of us do diet programs for a variety of purposes. Some want to get a balanced, sexier body, there is a desire to keep their body fit, and some want to get optimal health. However, many of them experience failure in nutrition programs.

Here I want to make it clear that the success of a diet doesn’t just depend on how much you eat or how much food you eat. Or maybe from your sport. Maybe your gym is good. Maybe your supplements are good. But why still fail? So, here I am going to discuss 3 reasons for your failure in doing a nutrition program. The first is attention. What is his concern? Attention is where you pay more attention to things or objects. For convenience, I will give an example.

Kenapa 100% Diet Anda Akan Gagal

Kenapa 100% Diet Anda Gagal? Berikut Penyebab dan Cara Mengatasinya!
Kenapa 100% Diet Anda Gagal? Berikut Penyebab dan Cara Mengatasinya!

For example, you run a nutrition program. But every day, at home you just play a cell phone, then you look for promo food promo, what else discount food. There may be a food promo to buy one get one free. Or there may be food vouchers. This is actually you have been paying attention to food. Especially now with social media, many people post their food.

Maybe you’re busy stalking other people’s Instagram which is all food. Therefore, your attention will be stolen by this food. Maybe you're thinking, "Well, this is another discount! If I don't buy it now, that's a pity. Buy more." Or maybe you often see brochures from supermarkets or small supermarkets. There are many snack promos.

In the end, you're confused thinking, "Should I buy it or not?" It all depends on your decision. And for the most part, they choose to buy it. Finally, you decide, "Ah, I'm starting a diet tomorrow ..." Then, for those of you who often interact with food images on your social media, in fact you have connected yourself with the system in your social media. Therefore, your social media will continue to recommend similar images to you.

That’s how social media works. Finally, after looking at the pictures, you will start to feel hungry. "I want food". Especially today with the advancement of technological applications, you just use your index finger, then you can order food. It's very easy. And I'm not saying this is a bad thing. But if you can’t control yourself, then you end up buying food. And you'll feel, "Yeah, eat a little, okay .." Then the next day, you do the same thing again.

Eventually, your nutrition program will fail. And I find a lot of people write the status “diet tomorrow” or “diet always tomorrow”. So actually, this is what makes them fail in their diet. Then, the second is the environmental factor. The environment I mean here is the environment of your friends & the environment of your family.

Let’s say you are someone who doesn’t smoke. But you gather with friends who smoke. At first, maybe you just tasted a cigarette. Maybe at first you can’t smoke, eventually you learn to smoke. Over time, you will become good at smoking. The same goes for you who never drink. But your collection of friends are the ones who talk every day about drinks and about alcohol. "There's new alcohol, it's better!". Eventually you will eventually learn to drink alcohol. If you have learned to drink alcohol and become your routine, then it will complicate a healthy diet program.

Good diet. Here I have a story. So, there was a high school kid who once lived with his parents. Good diet, normal life, nutritious food, every day there are vegetables and fruits prepared by his parents. But as he graduated high school, the boy eventually continued his studies in the countryside and had to live in a boarding house. During the ride, the child will automatically follow the association with a friend of his cost.

Unconsciously, because eating is not common, when the night often gathers with his friends, and play games accompanied by snacks. Finally, just a few months after the weight gained rapidly. Maybe my story is the same as the story of some people or some of my healthy friends. Maybe not just for college kids. Maybe for employees sightseeing on the island or out of town who must be in a hostel with new friends. When their weight started to increase, they finally decided, "well, starting tomorrow I'm starting to diet!" But what happened? You’re familiar with your friends who eat often, like mindnight, at 11-12pm looking for food.

And when you decide to start a diet, maybe your friend isn’t happy. "Ah, there are no loyal friends! Usually we go out to eat ...". Maybe some of you feel that way. So, the environment affects your success to do a diet program. Especially for you guys. Maybe you’ve scheduled, “Oh, tomorrow I need to work out”. For example jogging or playing badminton. Suddenly, at night when you want to sleep, around 10pm, your friend knocks on your room.

"Let's play the game online! Today there is a double promotion experience !!" In the end, you didn't sleep. You play games late at night, even until morning. And your sport is canceled. Or maybe your boyfriend calls out, “Let’s go tonight!”. Midnight. These things can also interfere with your nutrition program. Maybe from a family like that too. So in 1 month maybe a lot of parties. Or invite them to dinner together. Your cousin has a birthday, your parents have a birthday, then there’s a wedding and so on. Here, you are asked to control yourself.

Maybe you can go with them. But be sure of your diet. Next up is the thing that makes you fail, which is not making notes. What to look out for? So you need to record your goals. Let's say you weigh 100 kg. ‘I want to reach the target in the future want to lose a few kg’. And it must be a fraction. Then create your training schedule. You should also start programming your training schedule. Adjust your working hours.

Don’t exercise if you have time. If you do ‘if you have the time’ exercise, then you won’t have time. So make time to practice. Then, you also need to schedule yourself to see a doctor. For example, consult a nutritionist. So by doing this, you can reduce the risk of failure in your diet program. So a healthy companion, diet is not just a good food choice. So, it is useless to choose to provide good food, provide the best supplements, or you sign up to become a member at the best gym in your area.

But if you can’t take these foods regularly or can’t exercise regularly, maybe in a month just for the gym once. Then you should try to change: - Your attention - Your environment - And make notes for your diet program Because something planned is better than you just carrying it out at your own will. If I want to exercise, I will exercise. If I wasn’t in the mood, I wouldn’t be exercising. Hopefully the video I have provided can benefit you all.

And for those of you who run a diet program, try to do what I recommend. And I pray to all of you who run a nutrition program can be successful. And for those of you who don’t know how, you can click the video here. Me all, and for those of you who like this video don’t forget to click like below, subscribe and share with your friends. And there is a bell icon to your right, please click on any of the latest videos from us, you will immediately get the next video notification. Then here I also share 2 more videos from me. And hopefully the video I provided can be useful for you all. See you in the next video. Greetings .. !!
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