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Olahraga Apa yang Paling Membakar Lemak ?

Hello friends, see you again, Dr. Sung. On this occasion, I will discuss about: “What is the most burning sport?”. Healthy friends, so questions about fat, about weight, weight loss, a lot in my comment space. I did not answer one by one. And I chose to make this video to explain to you all. What exercise or workout can drain or burn my fat the most? In this video I will not discuss specific types of exercises. But what I am discussing is the pattern of practice. Sports patterns So in general, this training program is divided into two. The first is LISS, or Low Intensity Low State. And the second is HIIT, or High Intensity Exercise. So, these two training programs are different. The first thing I want to discuss is LISS or what we usually call aerobics.

So this is a different definition of aerobics that you think of now. Like ‘I want to go to sports first’. ‘I want to go aerobics first’. So, this is different. What I mean by aerobics here is through the air. With water. While HIIT is anaerobic. The explanation is like this. We discuss first the Low Intensity Lowest States. So this LIIS is that you do sports activities like relaxing, then light swimming, or leisurely cycling. So at a constant speed and don’t make your heart beat fast. And even while doing sports, you can SMS'an, chat, you can chat with your friends.

Olahraga Apa yang Paling Membakar Lemak ?

Olahraga Apa yang Paling Membakar Lemak ?

So the advantage of this sport is the first 30 minutes burned is blood sugar or sugar stock in your body first. Then the next 30 minutes, then your fat will be burned. So, let’s say you exercise for 45 minutes. The first 30 minutes are the first sugar baked. After that, your fat is burned for 15 minutes. And your fat is burned during sports. Unlike HIIT. The point here is the High Intensity Interval Training Training program. So, not pounded.

Not a HIT hit. The point is such an exercise program. Where intensity is regulated. It might be easy for me to give an example like this. You who are walking, suddenly you are chased by a dog. That is the process. So you keep walking, your heart rate is not too fast, suddenly you are chased by a dog and you run away as fast as possible. So, that's the difference. When you walk as fast as possible, your heart rate will give way. Then the heart felt it wanted to break.

And your muscles work optimally while walking. Finally, when it burns those calories. It needs to be burned. So the first is sugar. Because at night when you sleep, your fat is also burned. So, it’s not just when you practice your fat burning. "Then, what sports dock can you do with a HIIT training program?" In fact, all sports can be done with a HIIT training program. Whether it’s running, swimming, then martial arts, and so on. Elevators are also possible. It depends on what you are doing now and finding a mentor or coach to train you in running the program.

Then for those of you who are still confused, I will give another example. For example, you are now riding for 30 seconds leisurely. 30 seconds. Then you run your bike for a maximum of 30 seconds. What happen There will be maximum contraction of your muscles. Then your heart beats faster. And the next day, maybe your thighs will be cramping. Just like people who have never run, walk for 30 minutes, then run a sprint.

The next day, her thighs will most likely. So the essence of a HIIT program is not the time you run. But the intensity increased. So, a shorter time. Maybe 10 to 30 minutes. Some say no more than 40 minutes. Then someone asks, “Why are fats or calories still burned even though I don’t exercise like that?”. It can also arrive 14-48 hours later. There is something called the EPOC effect. So this EPOC stands for Oxygen Consumption Advantage Training.

So, after we exercise at high intensity, for example you are just walking, all of a sudden you run away because you are being chased by a dog. It needs more oxygen and burns more calories. In fact, after you finish the sport. Easier like this. You are just like regular physical training, as opposed to high intensity physical training, of course you need more calories to burn and more oxygen for the calorie burning process. It's so easy like that.

"Then which is better for me to do, doc? The LISS or HIIT?" Do both. Because there are pluses and minuses. So, you can’t do this HIIT program every day. So, give your body time to rest. During your HIIT program, maybe the next day you can do a LISS program. So you already know right? Maybe for those of you who ask, "Doc, I've swept the floor. I've cleaned the floor at home. How can my weight not go down and down? Is that the same as sports? " That's because you're relaxed, mom ... So, you can customize the two programs just now.

And my advice, you do an occasional HIIT program. Because this program is more effective in the process of burning calories and burning fat, even when you are sleeping. The effect is 14-48 hours. Okay, I hope this explanation answers your question. ‘Exercise what to do to lose weight or burn more fat’. As always if you like this video, please click like below, please comment, subscribe and share with your friends. See you in the next video. Greetings are great .. !!
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