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Modal Rakyat - Cara Pinjam Uang Online

Modal Rakyat - Cara Pinjam Uang Online

Modal Rakyat - Cara Pinjam Uang Online
As a P2P lending platform, Modal Rakyat connects lenders with thousands of micro, small and medium businesses from across Indonesia. We ensure a robust analysis, verification, and protection through various methods for your safety blanket.

On Modal Rakyat, lending starts from Rp 25.000 per loan. That means everyone can be a lender, including you. And it’s very easy to create a diversified loan portfolio to protect your funds and earn more stable returns. Get started right away and hand pick loans based on your own criteria.

Using Modal Rakyat app, lenders can choose from a wide range of selected loans, including but not limited to:

SME loans
Micro Loans
Multipurpose Loans

Why Modal Rakyat?

Licensed by OJK
Licensed and monitored by Financial Services Authority of Indonesia or OJK (KEP-27/D.05/2021) & Kominfo.

Attractive Returns
Earn up to 25% p.a

Easy Diversification
Diverse loan selection with tenor as short as 14 days.

Controlled risk level
We check that the businesses we work with have a strong track record and a solid financial standing.

Social Impact
By funding businesses on Modal Rakyat, you are helping micro, small & medium businesses to reach their maximum potential while building financial inclusion in Indonesia which is the key enabler to boost nationwide prosperity.

For more information, please contact us:

Phone : (021) 5091-4792
E-mail : cs@modalrakyat.id
Facebook : Modal Rakyat
Instagram : @modalrakyatid
LinkedIn : Modal Rakyat
URL : www.modalrakyat.id

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